Who Cares? It's not that important.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

By: Tiffany Lu

The phrases "who cares" and "it's too late" often pop up when one responds to environmental change. But are you really just going to let this planet be destroyed by your actions? By you, I obviously do not mean you, yourself. Everyone contributes to the waste produced on the planet. Although most of the pollution produced is caused by large corporations, you still can create a change. Even if you just send your friends this blog post, go vegan, convert to a no-waste lifestyle! There is always something that you can do that can lead to something bigger. When more people become aware of our actions, we will gain more power. These are important points that will be shared in other blogs! Today's blog is just brief reasons, and my opinion, as to why you NEED to start caring.

1) This place is your home!

This is the place which gave you a place to live. This is the place where you were born. This the place that provided you with food, water, air, and everything that allows you to survive. And what are you going to do when your home is threatened or damaged? You should find a way to help! Do all you can to prevent the situation from becoming worse. It is not too late yet. But are you really going to live your life as if this crisis should not be addressed?

2) This affects your food.

Some may believe that global warming has no effect on their basic necessities, such as food. However, that is completely false. The hotter this planet gets, the more humidity would form in the atmosphere. That affects our agriculture. It affects the meat we eat. The spices we use. It can also decrease the quality of the crops we eat. It can even affect the quantity of food available. If you want to ensure that your favorite acai bowl lasts in a couple of years, you better start now caring.


I know that you hate mosquitos. No shade, actually complete shade, but they are the most annoying pests out there. They sneak up on you and attempt to suck some blood out of you. Then they leave with their stomachs full and you with an itchy and irritating bump. If this isn't bad enough, they also are one of the main spreaders of diseases. If any of the other reasons can't seem to convince you I am sure this one will. Climate change expands the territories of the pest. Thus, more and more of them are created. And that does not sound good... at all. This whole process opens the door for more and more diseases.

4) The Artic

You may feel that the Arctic is just one big block of ice. Even if it starts melting, more ice is formed and leftover. However, those melting glaciers do hurt you!! I know for a fact that you noticed an increase in the number of storms we had. Scientists even ran out of names for hurricanes! Climate change pushes for more irregular weather, more extreme storms/ natural disasters, Besides the obvious fact that no one likes enduring the effects of such natural disasters, your time is being wasted! You have one life, every second wasted is a second that you will never get back. Spending days waiting for a hurricane to pass are days that could've been spent with friends or family.

5) The Coral Reef

Coral reefs may just seem like "sea rocks", but they hold the huge responsibility of holding our world together. The National Ocean Service states, "Coral reefs provide a buffer, protecting our coasts from waves, storms, and floods. Corals form barriers to protect the shoreline from waves and storms. The coral reef structure buffers shorelines against waves, storms, and floods helping to prevent loss of life, property damage, and erosion".Currently, many coral reefs are being bleached of their colors. 1/2 of the well known Great Barrier Reef, is dying. Basically, if the reefs are destroyed, the whole world will suffer major effects.

6) Wildfires

When you hear the word wildfire, the Australian or California one might immediately pop up. Not only are animals basically suffering from our actions, but you are also too. These fires are large and lost for an insane amount of days and the smoke can stretch miles from the fire. Lives are lost and ecosystems are destroyed. Climate change is only going to increase the intensity and the number of wildfires that occur. And I know some of you guys cried from the videos where koalas have huge and life-threatening wounds. Let's prevent this from happening and save some tissues!

I do not know about you but these reasons seem pretty convincing to me. I understand many do not have the option or have the privilege to change their lifestyle or economic choices. But, you still have the power to spread this information, subscribe to my blogs, elect and vote for politicians who want to establish change, and make some, more environmentally friendly choices.

It is not too late yet. But are you going to wait until it is too late to start caring?

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