About Me

Hello! My name is Tiffany Lu and I am the founder of Earth's Screams. I am a New Yorker who is passionate about raising awareness of climate change.   


One day, I was at the mall and was actively looking for a  recycling bin to throw my water bottle in. I didn’t want to contribute to landfills and climate change. I finally found one but was met with a security guard who told me that it did not matter if my bottle ended up in either bin. I was shocked at the idea that the recyclables and trash were mixed together. I then found out that only 30 percent of recycled waste was actually being recycled. This made me realized that there were so much misinformation and a lack of easy retainable sources. 

Mission statement: In response to the lack of straightforward informative climate change platforms circulating on the internet, I have started a blog, Earths Screams, and an Instagram account to tackle the environmental crisis. Even though we are the ones who will have to face the consequences of climate change, I like many other young teens don’t have much say in what needs to be done to our planet. I am determined to create easy and short but informative blogs about the environmental crisis. Thus, allowing teens to be educated on the topic, which allows them to make simple sustainable changes to their life.


What to expect: There would be 3 blogs shared each month on this website! I will incorporate facts and add my own opinion on a topic concerning the environment. My Instagram, @earths_screams, also is linked to each blog posted, serves as a huge platform to share more graphic-based information! 

Get ready for a new way to learn about our planet's cry for help!